# NRC20 asset launch Dex

# Issue NRC20

Nuls provides pocm platform: https://pocm.nuls.io/token/newtoken supports one click issuance of nrc20 pass

Pocm address of test network: http://beta.pocm.nuls.io/

# NRC20 asset cross chain

At present, the cross chain of nrc20 token needs to call smart contract in nuls wallet (opens new window), so we have also compiled a detailed operation tutorial

Nuls test net wallet address: http://beta.wallet.nuls.io/

In the future, we will also provide a more friendly interactive interface, which is convenient for users who are not familiar with smart contracts to operate easily

# Create transaction pair

If you want to create a transaction pair for nrc20 on ndex, please send an email to pen@nuls.io to submit the application, with the following information:

  • Nrc20 name
  • Nrc20 contract address
  • Name of the pricing currency of the nrc20 transaction pair applied for