# What is Nerve

# Why do we develop Nerve

Developing a general cross-chain interaction protocol. Through the standard protocol conversion layer of Nerve, we can match the general interface standard for development, access more mainstream digital assets, and form a general cross-chain interaction protocol. By following the general interface standard to develop a module and through the verification and upgrading of virtual bank and consensus node, you can load the cross-chain interaction protocol of Nerve.

Providing a new intelligent lightning network for mainstream digital assets such as BTC. Bitcoin has a long confirmation time and a high transfer fee. Through Nerve, you can initiate a fast transaction with low handling fee , and it can realize second level confirmation on Nerve. Most mainstream digital assets such as BTC do not have smart contracts, thus decentralized mortgage lending, decentralized exchange and other Defi applications cannot be directly implemented in their chains. While more application scenarios or ecosystem can be easily realized through Nerve.

Opening the blockchain closed-loop of mainstream digital assets and enabling quick transfer to each blockchain of the NULS ecosystem. Any blockchain is like a local area network (LAN). The assets on the chain can only circulate in the closed-loop. NULS is an infrastructure for building the blockchain and the blockchain built through NULS modules can realize asset circulation, with the only need to configure cross-chain modules. The goal of Nerve is to connect LANs of other network with different structure types, such as BTC/ETH, etc.

The multi-asset, open and transparent value interaction platform provides the underlying support for the Defi application ecosystem. We store digital assets such as BTC into centralized platforms, such as exchanges, centralized financial wallets, etc., and then they can arbitrarily misappropriate your assets. These platforms are black boxes that cannot ensure the safety of your assets. While in Nerve, you can build an asset trading platform, where all data is open and transparent. Your assets are controlled by multiple signatures through cross-chain virtual banks to ensure the security of assets.

# White Paper

The Nerve white paper is an authoritative report that indicates what Nerve ’s goal is and how we plan to achieve it.

See white paper for more (opens new window)